World Mental Health Day 2017


October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Our Managing Director, Rachel, was diagnosed with anxiety just over 4 years ago. Today she is going to share the 10 good things she has discovered about having anxiety.

  1. I always have a backup plan – Every possible and impossible disaster has already played out in my head a hundred times so nothing comes as a shock.
  2. I make epic lists – In order to have any chance at controlling my anxiety everything is listed, colour coded and cross referenced. I could win awards for my list making skills.
  3. I have amazing family and friends – When things got rough the people who stood by me were incredible and I now know without any doubt they are amazing.
  4. I know a good day is just around the corner – There are always bad days, that’s just the way it is with anxiety, but now I know that for every bad day there will be a good day soon.
  5. I know how it feels – I’ve been at the brink with anxiety and have to manage it every single day. This means I know what it feels like for many of the people I work with.
  6. I know how invaluable talking and listening is – I found being able to talk about my anxiety was the most therapeutic thing and now understand how invaluable a listening ear can be.
  7. I’m in great company – In the UK 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem each year.
  8. I eat more spinach than Popeye – The magnesium content in spinach makes it great to help me combat my anxiety.
  9. I am now caffeine free – 100% caffeine free since January which helps control my anxiety. Never a bad thing.
  10. It has helped me – I was diagnosed at the same time we started SMILE and I believe having anxiety has made me even more determined to make a difference.