New Parkinson’s Power Project

downloadParkinson’s UK are delighted to announce the launch of their new project, Parkinson’s Power. This project supports inactive people with Parkinson’s in the North East aged 55 and over to become and stay physically active.

Being physically active can be a great benefit to people living with Parkinson’s by improving mobility and balance, making everyday tasks easier and by having a positive impact on mental health.

Parkinson’s Power project offers a variety of different options to get active that are suitable for your stage of Parkinson’s. The project can also offer volunteer buddies to help take the first steps to becoming more active.

If you or anybody you know might be interested in participating in this project or you yourself would like to become a volunteer to help others with Parkinson’s, please contact the project team for more information or to access one to one support at or 07975 947879.

For more information please see the links below.

Parkinson’s Power Poster