Better Health At Work Bronze Award

bhawa-as-b-smWe are delighted to announce that we have achieved the Better Health at Work Bronze Award.

The Better Health at Work Award in partnership with the NHS and local councils  recognises the efforts of employers in the North East and Cumbria in addressing health issues within the workplace.

Over the past year we appointed two health advocates to run our Better Health at Work Programme. We also sent out a survey and asked all our staff and volunteers to complete it.  From the results of our survey we were able to highlight three key areas that our staff would like us to focus on.  These areas were, maintaining a healthy work life balance, advice and support for carers and advice on healthy eating.

From these results our health advocates ran a series of campaigns on these subjects such as advice on free support from your GP for anyone who is registered as a carer, information on healthy recipes and lunches and information on local leisure facilities and healthy cafes in areas we deliver which we called  a Balanced SMILE.

These campaigns were made available to all our staff and volunteers through emails and social media posts. In addition to our three main areas we also ran campaigns on, Mental Health Awareness,  Cancer, Smoking and Alcohol.

We are very proud to have achieved this award, our staff is extremely important to us as without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Our aim going forward is for us to continue with the programme and find new ways to help and support our staff.